Dredd 2012 Movie Review **SPOILER ALERT**

dreddDredd movie review. “If I had 4 hands, I’d give” this movie “4 thumbs down”. Sure it was an ok action movie. I don’t claim to know anything about the comic, I’m rating this movie on this movie alone.

A highly illegal drug called SLO-MO, its effects, it slows down time for the user (which apparently is SO bad they need to make it illegal), is barely  talked about, besides what I just said. Said drug is being manufactured in a super building that is able to be locked down by people inside, and unable to be opened from outside, even by the all-powerful Judges (who can kill people whenever they want, but they have to ask nicely for the building to open up). Well Dredd and the newbie go into this building to investigate 3 murders. Luck favors them because the cops? at the building know exactly which room this huge gang hangs out in. So the judges go there, kill some people, grab a guy who knows way too much (like that this SLO-MO is being made by his gang leader), and then proceed to get locked in the building. The gang leader tells 100’s of floors of people (though only maybe 40 show up) to kill the judges. After a bunch of near escapes, Dredd gets to kill the gang leader who has a heart beat monitor on her wrist. Whats this heart beat monitor connected to you ask? Bombs, that will destroy the whole building (at least I think it was the whole building, or maybe just the current floor). How does he kill her? He throws her down “1KM” worth of empty space, making it so the signal can’t reach the receiver. Wouldn’t the signal not being received trigger the bomb? Of course not. Oh, did I forget to mention that the newbie is a mutant? Yea, apparently she’s the ONLY mutant in the entire movie, and no one has explained where they came from, or how they came to be. What makes her special? She’s telepathic, unlike most other mutants who have physical deformities.

Action – 5

Story – 1

Entertainment – 4

Effects – 8

Acting – 5

Overall – 4

Last word – If you feel like wasting however long this movie is on something pointless and mind numbing, there are better choices out there. Like Raid: The Redemption. Which is very similar, but much better.


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