HD TV’s & More

Well, I was reading a bunch of articles on the internet explaining some things about HD TV’s and more. Combining this with my own knowledge I thought I’d share and hopefully inform some people.

So here’s what I got from the different articles. Keep in mind these are general statements.
1) Plasma’s have the best contrast ratio so far. Blacks look blacker than LED of LCD’s.
2) Lighting in big box stores make brighter LED and LCD tv’s look better. But that lighting is WAY brighter than your lights at home. You’ll end up turning the brightness down on an LED/LCD TV once you get it in your living room. A VERY bright room would utilize an LED/LCD brightness well.
3) HDMI cables (unless run across large distances >40ft) are all the same. They either work or don’t work. Different ones do not affect picture quality. I bought mine for $2-3 at monoprice.com, it works. It doesn’t work good, or great, or better, or worse. It just works. Its digital. Think on or off.
4) Unless you are closer than approximately 1.5 times the size of the TV, you won’t be able to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p.
5) Only a handful of devices actually output uncompressed 1080p. Over the air signals are not 1080p, and to top it off, they are compressed and uncompressed.
6) Contrast ratios on TV’s are fictitious numbers. Since there is no standard way to measure contrast ratio, companies will create ways to test to get the numbers they want.
7) Cost savings for an LCD/LED is minimal. With prices the way they are, you will never recoup the cost of an LCD or LED over a plasma through energy costs.
8) No current TV will burn in without some real trying. Think airport arrival and departure monitors.
9) No matter what TV you decide to buy, as long as it’s setup correctly, it will look great.

Thats it! Feel free to ask any questions


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