What is wrong with some people?

So, I was reading my Readers Digest the other day (yes I do that sometimes), and came across a page that had a question that would have blown my mind years ago, but now seems commonplace. There was actually 2 things on this page that were very troublesome to me and provoked an emotional and logical response.

1) “In our October issue, we asked you to help Seeking Privacy, who was bothered by someone talking on the phone in a public restroom. Most of you urged tolerance”. So let me get this straight, someone wrote a letter/email to Readers Digest to try to figure out what to do because he/she didn’t like people talking on the phone while they were in a public bathroom? Guess what buddy, if someone was talking on the phone in the bathroom, they probably don’t give a shit what you think about them doing it. Whats the deal anyways? If they don’t care that whoever is on the other line can hear flushing and grunting and what-not, why should you? And the fact that it concerned you enough to write asking for help is pretty sad. I mean, really, whats your options? a) say something, b) shut your mouth.
Anyway, this was the first thing I read, and it was a good setup for

2) “My neighbor, a young man around my age, stops by when my husband is at work. He is very friendly – almost too friendly. I don’t want to be rude, but it’s getting creepy. What do I do?”. **Palm to forehead** So apparently this guy who may or may not be acting inappropriately (I say may!) has feelings that are more important than hers in her own house. What do you do? Can the answer be any more clear? Let me give you some options and lets see if you can figure it out. a) Bake him an apple pie, b) answer the door in sexy lingerie, c) tell him not to come over when your husband isn’t there, d) give him a handy for his persistence. Duh! I feel like she needs to verify her feelings with other people because she really doesn’t know if she should just ask the guy not to come over when her husband isn’t home. And if that is the case, how did she get that way? How do you become so…. mousey (??)? How do you purposefully put yourself into a situation that is uncomfortable again and again and again, then ask how to get out of it?

After reading these two, I had remembered that I read a bunch more of the same type of stuff in Ask Laskas. A lot of the questions have some pretty obvious answers, some of them don’t. Most of the time Laskas has good answers/advice, but then again, with the questions being asked a 4 year old would do fine answering them. Reading any advice column reminds me of Joe Rogans’ bit about how Dr. Phil said that masturbation is as bad as cheating. And that gets me laughing all the time.


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