New Movies for 2013 I’m Looking Forward To

Well, thought I’d share some new movies coming out that I want to see. This isn’t everything in 2013, just everything I could get my hands on.

This Is The End – looks hilarious. Love James Franco and Seth Rogan. Comes out in June and will definitely be seeing this in theaters. Hilarious Trailer

The Last Exorcism Part II – I liked the first one, this one looks equally as creepy. Comes out in March, but will probably wait for the DVD release.

Movie 43 – looks pretty funny. Has a great cast including Emma Stone. That’s all I gotta say about that. Will be out next week. Might be a theater watcher!

The Canyons – Has Lindsay Lohan and a porn star? Trailer looks kinda crappy, but I think it could be interesting. Come out sometime in 2013… Apparently was funded most from

Side Effects – looks good, definitely will watch at home. Comes out February.

The Great Gatsby – not a huge fan of Leo-my-dad-says-deCreepio. Looks good though. And its got Isla Fisher. ‘Nuff said. May.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone – can Steve Carell be more funny? I think not! Cast is good, trailer looks funny, looking forward to this one. Comes out in March.

Star Trek Into Darkness – the last one was so good. I grew up on the Original and Next Generation series. I predict it will be better than the last one. But! gotta wait till May.

Aftershock – could be good, or not good at all. Looks like it should be similar to Blindness, which I thought was a FANTASTIC movie. Comes out sometime in 2013.

Zero Dark Thirty – look awesome, seeing it this next weekend.

The Man of Steel – looks like it will be so much better than the last one. Which was terrible, so it shouldn’t be too hard. Looks like all the other epic “beginning” stories. I will definitely watch this, but maybe a NEW superhero would be good. Comes out in June

InAPPropriate Comedy – Looks pretty hilarious! Comes out in March.

Oblivion – Tom Kluge movies are sometimes pretty good. Does it bother me that he’s one sick crazy guy? No, not really, his job is to entertain me, and he does that pretty well. April.

Pacific Rim – its like live action Voltron, minus the parts. Definitely going to see this. Though I have a feeling it won’t be all that great. Comes out in July.

Out in the Open – looks like a good documentary. Won’t waste my money watching this in a theater, but I’ll definitely watch it at home. Next month!

After Earth – ok, even though I hated the new Karate Kid, party because it wasn’t Karate, and partly because it was just bad, I am looking forward to seeing this one. From the trailer, it doesn’t look like the story is going to be all that great, but I am curious how a father and son act when playing father and son. Hits theaters in June.

Warm Bodies – kind of a spin on the zombies genre. Tells the story from a zombies point of view, and does it with comedy. Very interested in this one and its coming out in less than a month.

Iron Man 3 – thought the first 2 were pretty good, looking forward to this one. I only have to wait till May.


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