House at the End of the Street 2012 Movie Review **SPOILER ALERT**

HatEotSHatEotS movie review. I’m not even sure what this movie was supposed to be. A psychological thriller? A horror movie? Gross? Scary? Well I’ll tell you right now, it was all of those, but it was terrible at all of them.

Movie starts off with a little girl killing her parents years ago. Flash to the present. Cute girl and her mother move into the house next door. They can barely afford it because of the murders 10 years ago. OOOOoooooOOO. Scared yet? Me neither. So you find out the original girl died from drowning in a river or something, and they never found the body. Now the son living next door and he and the new girl are approximately the same age. Yada yada yada. You then see he is keeping a girl who he calls his sisters name locked in his basement. He rigs the door so it locks from the inside and keeps the key on the doorsill right outside. Which is kinda strange. But it helps the girl escape! But he gets her back. Story goes on, he accidentally kills his sister! But wait, its not his sister, its just some girl he kidnapped. So now you find out this kid is crazy. What doesn’t make any sense is the “sister” escaping, seeing people, and not yelling for help. Then the new girl finds out he is keeping girls that are not his sister in the basement. Gets kidnapped herself and then there is a “terrifying” series of escape attempts involving her mother and a local sheriff, who, big plot twist here, knew about the derangement of this kid, and let it happen. Also are some flashbacks to this random sheriff being there when the sister died, and then how the parents made the little boy into their little girl. All in all, pretty lame.

Action – 3

Story – 2

Entertainment – 2

Effects – 4

Acting – 6

Overall – 2

Last word – Pretty bad movie, I don’t recommend EVER seeing it. Even if you like lame movies and have nothing better to do. Not scariest in the slightest.


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