Zero Dark Thirty 2013 Movie Review **NO SPOILER**

ZeroDarkThirty2012PosterWell, this review will only spoil things if you just woke up from a coma.

I watched this in the theater and was definitely impressed. It had all the things I want in a movie; action, drama, a good plot, and a hot redhead. Any based on a true story movie always gets me wondering how much of the movie is ACTUALLY true. From what I can find out, Chastain’s character is based on a real CIA agent and she did play a crucial rule in finding Osama, but how much her actions are true is currently unknown. The story itself was sometimes a little difficult to follow, but mostly it was pretty easy. There were a couple of places that I didn’t quite get the connections that people used to figure things out, but it didn’t bother me much. On the other hand, the Seal Team storming of  the compound is supposedly very accurate, very easy to follow, and very entertaining. Instead of talking about the plot and ruining it for people, I will talk a little bit about the reception of the movie.

One item in the movie raised some eyebrows and apparently got some people upset. Torture. Near the beginning there are some torture scenes. Now personally, I don’t have any qualms about torture, IF the information being withheld will save lives. Giving a terrorist a pass is like saying his life is more important than 50 of ours. Anyway, that’s definitely a topic for another blog post. So back to the movie. They show some scenes of various tortures and end up tricking this guy to give them some information. I’m sure the torture helped loosen his tongue, but some people claimed that the movie made it look like without the torture, we wouldn’t have caught Bin Laden. First, who knows if that is true or not, I certainly don’t, and I doubt they do too. Second, the movie had it in there, because it actually happened in real life. Not portraying it would be ignoring facts. Third, this IS A MOVIE. Its made for entertainment, not to teach people. So be entertained and move on.

Action – 9

Story – 7

Entertainment – 10

Effects – 9

Acting – 9

Overall – 9

Last word – I was definitely entertained, and this movie actually made me want to go do some research and learn something. There are still questions I have, but I am less ignorant than I was. I recommend you see this movie as soon as possible.


One response to “Zero Dark Thirty 2013 Movie Review **NO SPOILER**

  1. Fantastic review. Gripping, thrilling, and intense, Zero Dark Thirty is another very worthy contender for the Oscar race that puts you right in the action, especially with the immersible climax.

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