Skyfall 2012 Movie Review **SPOILER ALERT**

MV5BMjM1MzMzOTA3MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTE3NzA1OA@@._V1_SX214_Well, I finally watched Skyfall, the third installment of the Bond series with Daniel Craig. I was pretty disappointed with what was supposed to be a great movie and has become the top grossing film in the UK. Here’s my issues with this movie.

1) Acting. Bond is known for his corny lines, and that’s fine with me, but when there a 2 second gap between lines where it looks like the actors are trying to remember what they are supposed to say, it fails miserably. Most of the movie wasn’t like this, I’m thinking of almost the entire scene at the casino. Terrible.

2) False Advertising. I’m actually a big fan of this. When I watch a preview and it seems to give things away, and then watching the movie and finding out I was totally wrong. However in this case, the preview seemed so much more interesting then the actual movie. Case in point, trailer- M says “Take the shot!”, and BAM! Bond gets shot. I was pretty excited to see, what seemed to me, M turn against Bond. Was that what it was? Not at all. Which leads me to my third issue.

3) Story/Plot. The movie starts out Mission Impossible style with some baddy stealing the “NOC List”. Where was this list? Supposedly in a laptop in some crappy hotel room. Wouldn’t something so important NOT be there? Then they are on a train, Bond’s “partner” takes a shot at the baddy, misses and shoots Bond. Now, if you have plenty of time to take a second shot (which she clearly does), wouldn’t shooting AGAIN at the baddy make sense? Take him out? No, apparently the movie would be done then. So of course let him go. You can say she’s a poor agent, but wouldn’t it look like she was actually helping the bad guy out? Wouldn’t MI6 NOT put her the new assistant to the new head? So Bond comes back, with bullet shrapnel STILL in his shoulder (couldn’t he have just taken it out before, especially since its a depleted uranium shell?) and fails the tests that M claims he needs to pass, but she doesn’t really care, he’s back in field duty. So this guy can’t shoot for crap, but give him a gun and send him on his way. And how do you find the baddy? Well the bullet used is only used by 3 people in the world. Talk about a calling card that says “Come get me!”. Didn’t he shoot MANY bullets before hitting Bond? Couldn’t they have analyzed any of those? Ok ok your saying. I’m being pretty picky. It can’t be that bad. Oh but it gets worse! So Bond eventually catches up with said bad guy and then a fight very similar to Kill Bill happens. You remember the scene where there is 3 bad guys with swords behind a screen and you can see them just waving those weapons around, not actually trying to do harm anyone with them? Yea, it was sad. Fast forward to REAL bad bad guy. He’s on a deserted island and pretty much lets himself be captured. For what reason? So he can talk to M in his cell? Explain to her that cyanide didn’t kill him and now he’s back for revenge? As if! He probably should have used the element of surprise and come up with a plan to capture her, since he knows her schedule, and seems to me, he CAN actually make good plans. So anyway, bad guy turns out to be an old agent with revenge in his heart (sounds like MI:3 to me….), heard this story before. Here comes a big twist! Bad guy turns out to be attracted to Bond? Or is he? Because that only sprouts up for 15 seconds in the movie and is never repeated. Fast forward some more, Bond, some old guy, and M are holed up in Skyfall. Holy shit! Bond has a past that is touched upon for 1 minute. We ALMOST feel bad for this small boy with his parents gone. But then we remember there’s been 20+ movies of him whoring around and killing anything that moves. So, NOW a back story is introduced, I’m sorry, I don’t watch Bond movies for that. Bad guy ends up having his chance to kill M, and magically becomes suicidal. This guy is crazy, but he’s all over the place crazy. So Bond ends up the winner again, but what about Bond’s future as an agent? I feel like this movie tries to close everything out. Whats next after this? Hopefully another re-boot, because this trilogy went from great to terrible in 3 movies flat.

4) Boring and incorrect repetition. Throughout the movie, there is this theme of being “too old”, or that “times have changed”. Ummm… it was 3-5 months since Bond was last in active duty. Things don’t change THAT fast. And apparently “old school” for Bond is a booby trapped house. It was like watching Home Alone and instead of 2 stupid guys, it was 30 stupid guys trying to break in.

5) Bad gun. Who wants a gun that has hand print recognition on it? What happens when your hands get covered in blood or mud or sweat. Wouldn’t that cause the gun to stop working? What kind of “antique” of a man would be ok with that?

6) Lastly, Continuity. This new Bond series messes up with the continuity of the series as a whole. In this new fad of “lets jump start old movies” that’s going on in Hollywood, either a) totally re-vamp things, or b) keep them the same. Not both. You can’t START a Bond series with an “old” Bond. You can’t introduce old characters as new (Moneypenny) and you can’t get rid of old characters (M & Q), unless you are totally re-vamping things, which clearly, they are not. They are taking the story that we all know and actually changing it so it doesn’t make sense at all.

Action – 3

Story – 2

Entertainment – 4

Effects – 5

Acting – 5

Overall – 3

Last word – If you HAVE to watch every Bond film, then there is nothing I can say that will talk you out of this one. Just know its terrible. Also, one plus is the opening song is actually pretty good!


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