About Me

Just a little about me, and what I’m doing here.

Photography – Well, I purchased my first “good” camera in December 2012. Currently just taking it out with me as much as I can. I love to go hiking, so I have a bunch of nature pictures. I’m also trying to take interesting shots of anything (I have some construction site pics), and looking to get better at taking pictures of people too.
Rants – Well, I have never been into watching the news, or hearing about current events. Why you might ask. Because most of the time, it would just upset me. I’ve recently decided that being ignorant is NOT being a good citizen. So I will occasionally have rants on various topics. I am very open-minded, as long as someone can verbalize their side in a clear, un-emotional way. My views can, and do, change.
Other – I’ll also be posting on random stuff, probably fitness, technology, and auto related. And whatever else I can come up with.


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